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Dillip 15 years,student.Diagnosis-Warts

This boy had many rough warts on his fingers which were spreading to other fingers too. He was conscious about it,So would try to pinch or Scrape them off & more would sprout in its place.

The patient was explained that it is a viral infection of the skin,so was advised not to touch.

A Constitutional remedy worked from within & they fell off one by one soon enough.He was delighted to be rid of it.

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Bina 25 years,Teacher. Diagnosis-Fissures

he patient developed severe pain & bleeding while passing hard stools.Pain would continue for hours later.She started getting tense every morning expecting the pain to start again. Was not able to concentrate due to this.But the fissures healed completely with the homeopathic treatment.

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Mast Kevin,7yrs student

Skin on joints itches,burns,bleeds on scratching & is rough. Itching more at night and morning. Problem has been there for the past 3 yrs. Unable to have a good nights sleep due to this problem.

The parents were advised to avoid giving the child colored drinks & processed foods. A simple homeopathic medicine took care of the itching & a constitutional remedy helped with the allergic tendency. The dry skin healed & normal skin appeared in 3 months time.

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