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Neil, 3 months old baby

Cries everyday at 4 p.m, cannot be pacified with feeds or carrying.The child’s legs are pressed against the stomach.

The abdomen seems bloated & the child’s finds it difficult to burp. The parents were worried as child kept crying.

An acute medicine relieved the colic with just one dose. The parents were asked to give medicine at 2 p.m to prevent the colic. A constitutional remedy helped the digestion of the milk prevented gas formation.

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Carol,25 yrs,secretary

Complains of recurrent headache since 5 yrs.One-sided headache from eyestrain with nausea Headache starts when exposed to glare of sun,too much computer work,stressed out, loss of sleep or spicy food.

Feels better by rest in dark room,after voimiting. Takes pain killers very often & developed ulcers. This patient was given an acute medicine which relieved the headache instantly. A constitutional remedy helped to cure the patient of migraine attacks completely. The attacks reduced in frequency,intensity & duration over a period of 4 months.

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Mrs. Bina, 32yrs Housewife

5 Months pregnant lady was detected with the gestational diabetes. There was a family history of diabetes she had the same problem in the previous pregnancy too. Was feeling weak inspite of no exertion. The right homeopathic constitutional remedy normalized her blood sugar levels.

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Mr. Robert,50 yrs Banker

Came with complaint of severe back-pain radiating to the groin. Worse on passing urine was high colored.The urine report showed urate crystals and a few red blood cells. The X -rays indicated renal stones & there was high uric acid level in the blood.

The patient was advised to avoid tomatoes,spinach,red meat & a high protein diet. Water intake had to increase to flush out the stones. An acute medicine helped the stones to clear quickly & with less pain. A constitutional remedy helped bring down the uric acid level & no further stone information in the kidneys.

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Mrs. Lucy,42 yrs Nurse

Ultra-sound reports brought by the patient showed multiple fibroids in the uterus. Had pain with heavy flow during menses. Felt weak and also had backache. Irritable & exhausted due to prolonged bleeding.

An acute medicine helped to reduce & stop the bleeding. But a constitutional remedy was required to regress the fibroids. A repeat ultra-sonography report after 6 months of treatments showed a marked difference in the uterus.

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Mr.Sam 35 yrs Accountant

Patient has been having problems with stools. No regular timings due to early start at work Sensation of bloating,frequently changing patterns of constipation & diarrhoea. Stomach reacts to oily & Spicy food.

Non-veg food causes more discomfort. Distressed about complaints & can not concentrate at work. Has to visit toilet often due to urging for stools.

A month’s Course of treatment settled the bowel habits. Patient was advised to drink water in the morning and to do some light exercises. The Gas & fermentation improved with constitutional treatment.

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