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  • I used to suffer from severe migraines for years and with each passing year the frequency and intensity used to increase accompanied by vomiting and gas. My episodes used to make me so sick that i was unable to do anything productive during these days and had to totally shut myself off. After starting the treatment my headaches have reduced considerably, they are fewer and much lighter in intensity. I do not lose days every month being sick and in pain. I can go about my normal activities without shutting off. The treatment has given me a lot of relief and eventually I hope I will be able to totally get rid of it. I have recommended this treatment to many of my friends and family too.

  • My husband and me both parallel came across kidney stone problem . Imagine our distress when we both started developing similar problems . I especially had more stones and was getting every now and attack of kidney stone dropping down and finding helpless . And helpless for 3 kids who are between 1 to 6 years age. Dr. Hallowine was very confident that she could cure us in 6 months time and no surgery would be required. On such assurance and confidence instilled by Dr. Hallowine we started the medication immediately and were pleasantly surprised to seek an improvement within weeks. Now we are completely cured of kidney stone . I am very happy that I met Dr Hallowine .

  • My elder daughter was having eczema since age 3 and she is currently 8. Imagine our distress when my younger daughter(age 4) too started developing similar rashes in skin folds. Luckily for us a family friend recommended that we see Dr Hallowine. Dr. Hallowine was very confident that this could be cured, which was indeed a ray of light for us. Doctor assured that the medication did not contain steroids nor sulfur. We had tried Homeopathy with another doctor in India for my elder daughter with no improvement. Basis the confidence instilled by Dr. Hallowine we started the medication (Oct 2015) immediately and were pleasantly surprised to see an improvement within weeks. Since the rashes are completely gone after several months, we have now discontinued the medication as advised by Dr. Hallowine. The good results have now prompted us to try Homeopathy from Dr. Hallowine on our elder daughter.

  • A severe episode of vertigo and several doctor's visits , I felt very sad and helpless with my situation . Until one day my cousin recommended Dr Halowine Coelho. My first visit with her and I had a strong feeling this time things are going to work out and they did! Her friendly approach and thorough treatment cures problems from the root .Now my entire family trusts her completely and she has become our one stop shop for all our health needs .

  • Helpless because of the ordeal and pain with a recurring veruca under my foot , I went to Dr Halowine on a strong recommendation of a close friend . Her precise diagnosis and reassuring approach made my innate pain disappear in a matter of a month . I must say that I usually do not quite believe in homeopathy and refer to them as sugar pills . However all of that changed Only because of her holistic treatment

  • Prabha Premnath, I am a teacher, living in Dubai for 10 years now. I have had an episode of benign breast cyst, which was completely healed under the homoeopathy treatment of Dr. Hallowine.

  • Rahul Menon, I am a Post Graduate student currently studying in the USA. When I was in Dubai, I have had an Adenoid removal surgery. Following that I became very vulnerable to frequent allergic attacks, which made my life miserable. Under Dr.Hallowine’s treatment, my allergy has gone to history. Thank you Dr.Hallowine.

  • Rajiv Menon I am a Class 11 student in Dubai. I had quite a few “corns” on my foot some time ago. I approached Dr.Hallowine for a remedy . I was very pleased that all my corns got completely healed with Dr.Hollowine’s homeopathic treatment. I became a fan of homeopathy since then.

  • Premnath VM, Financial Manager, Dubai. I am a resident of Dubai for ten years now. I have a long history of varicose veins from my childhood days. Few years back, my varicose vein got so swelled up doctors recommended immediate surgery. Following Dr.Hallowine’s homeopathy treatment, I not only avoided surgery but also my condition is almost normal now. I appreciate Dr Hallowine’s treatments.

  • Thank you so much for freeing my son from asthama(BRONCHOITIS)…with your great love , care,professionalism and medicine no words to express … more than 10 years he is not using Naboliser ,touch wood .. not only my son u have cured even my family members also…and my friends who I recommened to u are very very happy with you and they are thanking me.... you were the miracle we hoped for. Also I thank you for your generous, caring, compassionate understanding and self-giving of yourself ,you are truly the best.

  • Just wanted to thank you for treating my “Vertigo” problem and I can now categorically vouch for the fact that your homeopathy treatment for “Vertigo” is second to none, because before I came to you, I went pillar to post to get this treated, but you cured me completely in no time. You are indeed the best in this business. Cheers!

  • I have been extremely pleased with the homeopathic treatment I have been receiving from Dr. Halowine. With her treatment I was able to get rid of a skin rash/allergy very quickly. Her medicines are safe with no side effects. I have known her for more than 6 years. Her diagnosis is spot on. She always listens patiently and is highly skilled and professional.

  • The ambiance alone that Dr. Halowine spreads is one of positivity and makes the patient feel better instantly. Her caring and gentle voice soothes me each time I go to visit her, she works her way through understanding my problems and helps me tackle them with ease. She prescribes medicines that seem to do their job over time and thus making this experience overall worth it. Migrane that I was suffering from quite sometime was cured right after taking her medication. I would recommend her any day for the quality of service she provides.

  • I had a big corn on my finger for few years. I tried different treatments (corn patches, ointment, medication) but nothing worked. Then a friend suggested I visit Dr Halowine. She gave me some medication and the corn was disappeared within a month. There was no pain or side effects. I am thankful to Dr Halowine for her treatment – Janet Sequeira

  • I'm Mrs.Mythili Anantha Padmanabhan, living in Dubai for the past 11 years. I consulted Dr.Halowine in the year 2006 to find relief for allergic rashes I used to get then. I was completely cured. So naturally when I had sudden attack of migraine in the year 2014 around October, I consulted her. I have had migraine few times before that and taken painkillers. But after taking Homeo medicines for 6 months , I'm completely cured and haven't had recurrence so far. I'm extremely happy and satisfied with the result and thankful to Dr.Halowine.

  • Dr Halowine has really helped me with my cluster headaches. I suffered for 9 years before I met her. I had tried everything to stop the severe throbbing pain that stifled my daily life. I had seen neurologists, acupuncturist, naturopaths and tried all sorts of home remedies but nothing stopped the pain. I was recommended to see Dr Halowine by a friend and within a couple of months of taking her medication my headaches completely stopped and I got my life back.